Design Balanced

Good design is made from calculated decisions that brings balance and harmony to each project.

Web Design

Websites that are built on reliable programming and clear communication.


Building you a secure place to sell your products online.


Guiding businesses in building a media master plan for their brand, communications and promotions.

Brand Design

Creating memorable logos and exclusive branding that is all yours, and only yours.

Print & Publishing

Over 30 years of experience have taught us the skill of producing even the most complex publications.


We can make SEO make sense! Optimize your website for the best search results.

Hello. How can we help you?

As a senior level design team here to help you engage with your clients in imaginative and meaningful ways.

Branding, web design, e-commerce, publications, creative copy writing and advertising is our forté. Sounds like a lot to take on?

Not to us. We think it’s pretty special to go to work every day to create the things that grow your success. Whether you’re a corporate giant growing a completely new idea, a small business just starting out, or are somewhere in between, we work directly with all our clients with the same high level of openness and commitment.

Solutions that are right for you

We provide a full range of modern marketing & creative services for start-ups to large corporations, including municipalities, associations, nonprofits, healthcare, retail, trades, technology and financial businesses.

Working with us has great benefits

We keep it real.

We are not here to confuse you with industry jargon. We get down to the nitty-gritty without theatrics that make us look big, while making your input seem small. We listen to you and involve you in the creative journey.

We know you.

We get to know your people, your business and your competitors. You are not a number in a system that gets tossed to a junior designer that you’ll never meet.

We’re in it for the long haul.

We’ve been doing this a while and plan on sticking around, so you can rely on us being here when you need us.

We’re authentic.

All our work is original and designed by senior level designers. Nothing is farmed out to overseas or to budget design houses. We live, breathe and create all of the magic locally in the Fraser Valley.

We know size doesn’t matter.

You can be a trend-setting corporation giant, a start-up or something in between. You can even live in your parents basement (isn’t that where all great ideas start) and we’ll nurture your needs with the same high level of commitment.

We build long lasting relationships.

We embrace one-time projects, but are also ready to be there for the many years of supporting your long-term vision.

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Design Specialists

Meet our smart and creative duo.

We enjoy working with local people, communities, businesses and organizations in creating their individual visual personalities. We are neighbours helping neighbours, and we each benefit from the relationship and grow together.

You don’t build a business, you build people, then people build the business.