Can-Can Canmore

Can Can Canmore is a vacation rental company that focuses on providing quality stays, in Canmore British Columbia. This eCommerce website provides client log-ins, calendars and a full booking platform that allows a client to browse the properties, book dates and process secure payments.

Universal Power Scrubbing

This website is a refresh and SEO integration for Universal Power Scrubbing, a Vancouver based company that services for power scrubbing, power washing ans snow removal. The original site was designed using a consumer level web builder, that has now been rebuilt professional to better reflect the services of the company. 


An e-commerce website for ShuttleRack, a West Coast company that produces high quality, vertical bike racks with a no scratch loading system. Once a small start-up company, it is now an international success with clients throughout North America. 

Around the Lake Give’r Take 30

A website designed for the Around the Lake Give’r Take 30 Trail run-in race held at Cultus Lake BC and originally started by members of the Vedder Running Club in 2002. Today this society continues to encourage and support trail runners with carrying on the annual trail race founded by the generous encouragement and support of…